CraftLipi is the brain child of Rajasree Golui, a Masters in Computer Applications & aspirational design domain of Sanbid Golui, a post graduate Industrial Designer from IIT Delhi. ‘Design’ is the heart & soul for them and they are also running an already well-known established design house -Designlipi Projects Private Limited (www.designlipi.com). This came into being in 2011, operations centralised at West Bengal, INDIA and working for several corporates for Product Design, Packaging Design, Retail Design, Branding & Communication Design & Design Strategy.

CraftLipi has started its own journey since September 2015.

 At CraftLipi we are inclined towards ‘Innovation4Impact’ (I4I) & ‘Do Design' (DoD). Our organization is strategically working for building multiple product verticals with semi-skilled artisans and artists having innate sense of Art & Craft. These semi-skilled artisans along with local resources, tools and technologies available in India, we aim at having a product portfolio with a class & quality of truly Make in India. 

Earthen Wonder (www.earthenwonder.com) is one of the main brand of CraftLipi where products are mainly made of clay and designed to be used in modern & retro environment.

 Indian Village Toys (www.indianvillagetoys.com) is another brand we have endeavoured to create to promote the toys made in remote villages. These toys are made with natural materials and sold in different seasonal rural ‘mela’. All these toys are modernized by design & with aid of updated processes; we have succeeded in making it suitable for contemporary times and needs. 

 We have also introduced a very unique platform, having named it ‘Creatio’ (www.creatio.in) where individuals can showcase their Art & Crafts. Professionals can narrate and share their own story of living a life with their passion for creation. This platform is providing accessibility to the people who are passionate about their love, their art & craft and will and wish to explore opportunities for creation.

 Craftlipi is having its own standard crafted range of products and merchandise which are showcased here for promotion & sale. Apart from these we have provisions for customized products & systems as per architectural need of Architects and Designers.

We believe that this innovative idea of crafted products made from varied natural resources and inducted with engineering material, blend of design and process tailored for daily use, will be well received